mandag den 26. marts 2012

Dear 34-year-old-me

Dear 34-year-old-me.

Right now I’m sitting in my bed. I’m sitting here with my blanket and a cup of tea. I haven’t sit here for a long time, actually I haven’t sit here for more than a few minutes. Since I sat here, I have stared at this paper, which was empty before. I have stared at it and thought, “my future.” 

I have no idea about what I am doing in my future. The only thing that I more or less know is the homework I have to do to tomorrow, and that I’m going to a birthdayparty next friday. But what I am doing in twenty years, is something I have to ask you about. 

At first I hope that you are still here, and I think you are. It’s too scary to think that you are not. I also hope that you are doing well, and do the things you like to do. Do you still like to draw, blog, photograph, play your guitar and sing?

Are you still addicted to facebook and the social medias or was that just a period? And what about the teenage-eat-flip? -Is that still a part of you or does that disappear as years go by, like the “teenage” in the word promises. 

I’m 110% sure that you does not live with your parents anymore, but where do you live then? -Still in Denmark? 
Do you have a little apartment with comfort, warmth and a beautiful view? Or do you live in a big house with high ceiling and space enough? No matter where you live, I’m sure that it’s one big mess, but of course I hope that I’m mistaken about that... 
Who do you live with? Have you got a husband and children, or do you live alone with your 37 cats? 
What about my friends, are they your friends too? I hope so. At least I hope that you have kept in contact.
What do you think about the way you used to be, when you were a teenager. Do you remember me as someone special, or was I just like the others? Do you remember my thoughts, and all the memories? 

I’m just one big question right now, and so is this letter. But I guess that I will find all the answers in time. Everything else would be so sad!

Love 14-years-old-you

Jeg ved godt at jeg kun har danske læsere, og at jeg ikke ligefrem er en haj til engelsk. Men jeg synes lige at der var brug for noget tekst på bloggen... Og det blev så på engelsk

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  1. Super fin blog. Er blevet fastlæser, du er velkommen til at kigge forbi mig og min venindes blog. Det kan du gøre her;
    Vi har faktisk og en give away kørende :-)

    Knus Cecilie.

  2. Sikke et skønt indlæg, jeg har skrevet sådan et brev til mig selv også for nogle år siden, som jeg læste her forleden, det er frygteligt og sjovt på samme tid! Jeg følger dig nu, big time :-)